Monday, July 26, 2010

my story on i live here: sf

photo by julie michelle

check out my san francisco story & photos at i live here: sf. i am at the wave organ, which is called a 'wave activated acoutistic sculture' at the edge of san francisco, where you can watch the sailboats come around and the golden gate bridge is a beautiful backdrop.

julie michelle, a talented photographer and generous soul started this ongoing project: to photograph ordinary, everyday san franciscans in their favorite place. in return, the person would write their 'san francisco story' in any form they wanted. this is how the collaboration was born. i love the site for it's concept and the beautiful photography and i was really happy to participate in this project.

for those who live here and love san francisco, many of these places may be familiar to you, but even if you have never been to sf, you'll find so much beauty in the stories and photographs.


TheSeaWithin said...

Great article Annie! I love that website, so it's so great you are on it! I miss SF!

Hannah said...

That was a really great feature!

chel said...

I love your work and your blog (found via Flickr) and I look forward to poking through the archives, Your work is amazing!