Sunday, August 15, 2010

25c ephemera

everything i bought at today's vintage paper fair was 25 cents.

i ended up with a bunch of ephemera from the 'junk box' at one vendor's booth, sifting through all sorts of things to find some gems.

out of town delivery back side
the backside of this out of town delivery label has postal instructions. i like that they say to use twine and tie securely.

underwood typewriter
probably the packaging label from the typewriter. wish i had the actual typewriter.

i love this graphic quality of old stamps. this is a postcard with a design of a stamp enlarged.

envelope for a company in chicago

airmail postcard
and my favorite 25c find is this blank, unused airmail postcard with a preprinted 9c stamp on it.


ains said...

great finds!!! [so jealous] lol

Anonymous said...

You find the best stuff!

dosfishes said...

Marvelous stuff, what a steal! Looking forward to seeing what you make.

Anonymous said...

love the finds, but love the price even more! I gotta keep a lookout for vintage paper fairs around my area...

TheSeaWithin said...

Fun! I love all the stuff you got! I wish I could have gone with you!

Mish said...

Oh my gosh!! So jealous!! I found some neat b/w photos at a rummage sale recently but I need to get out more!! :)