Wednesday, September 01, 2010

new art/Artisan Search 2011

express balloon

natural history

i've been working a lot on watercolor paper lately. it's a bit more economical and a space saver compared to buying canvas.

i am also guilty of hoarding certain bits of ephemera, like the natural history tickets i saved from a trip to peru, which i finally used.

besides being back to making more collage, i entered Cloth Paper Scissor's Artisan Search 2011. There's still time to enter, last day is september 13th. you upload up to 3 art pieces in one category onto their website. The page says one winner will be chosen for each of the following five categories: Mixed-media Stitch, Art Journal and Book Making, Printmaking and Silk Screening, Mixed-media Jewelry, and Collage. be sure to read the rules for the fine details and enter for a chance to be featured in Cloth Paper Scissors!

the rules are here and you can upload your images here


iHanna said...

These collages are so beautiful Annie, I love the water colour background. I was just painting backgrounds on water colour paper yesterday! Thanks for the shout out on artisans too, it sounds interesting (because it is cheap to join too)!

dosfishes said...

Very cool new pieces. I know exactly what you mean about hoarding certain bits, like they are too precious to part with. Glad you used them these collage's are great! xox Corrine

Chel said...

These are *so* beautiful, so cool. Your work inspires me so much!

Helder C. Dias said...

Hey Annie how are you? i discover your blog through another "can i mail this", you have here very nice collages, so i invite you to visit my recent blog, its my new Art Project called Organic Structures, i use paint and collage on my works.


catwrangler said...

If you don't win then it was rigged!