Saturday, September 11, 2010

routines, etc

as summer shifts in fall, i've been adjusting getting back into the fall semester at school. enduring 3 hour night classes, reading and sketching and outlining. to me, college is easier than high school, yet more stressful in another way; since it can be really tough to get classes.

by the way, i've updated the shop and in stock are a lot of new prints, including a series of collages i created inspired by neighborhoods in san francisco, for the book City of Stairways. You can buy the prints here

more new works will be sold as prints in my shop in the coming weeks!


TheSeaWithin said...

Enjoy the new school year. I loved the first month of University. I miss it !

Laura said...

I live in England, and am studying for my GCSEs. In Art, we have to choose artists to research and copy for our artist research in school, and I chose your work - I love it!