Saturday, March 26, 2011

these days i find myself

these days i find myself feeling burned out from school. not completely, of course, but just feeling discouraged, frustrated, not feeling like i was doing my best at drawing, drafting and finishing projects. and it's not always such a bad thing to feel challenged.

this semester i've found myself creatively challenged in new ways because really, drawing an isometric shape of my cell phone isn't something i've done before. and maybe its not my favorite thing in the world, but i find myself getting more serious about graphic design, what it means to get critiques on my work and how i can improve. there's been so much work this semester, as a result of that, i've been neglecting this blog and making new collages in my art journal which i miss.

however, i wanted to practice more on photoshop and illustrator, so i did this digital collage today. i don't usually create digital collages but i think it's pretty fun. i think i will keep creating them and post them here. of course, i'll still be creating collages by hand because i will always love doing things by hand.

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goodmailday said...

I think it's good to exercise new ways of doing old favorite things. it doesn't mean you're going to give up the old way. It just means you're stretching.


Feels good, yeah?