Friday, April 01, 2011

the moon viewing garden

every once in awhile, i find myself wandering around the botanical gardens, which is inside the enormous wonder of golden gate park. i've lived in san francisco my whole life but have never fully explored the whole park. somehow i don't think i ever will. but that's okay, because there are always more nooks and hidden places within the park to discover.

the botanical gardens is a vast collection of plants from all around the world, from chile to australia. you can literally go around and around in circles and still find new things to see. i like how the plants begin to grow and mingle onto each other, magnolia trees blossom and squirrels climb trees. the 'beginning' of the garden is just a wide open field with people picnicking. if you go deeper, the garden is more dense and interesting.

it was one of my wanderings with my friend indi that we discovered the moon viewing garden.
i think it's possibly my favorite part of the botanical gardens, a little hidden gem of a garden.

so we lay on our backs on the dock, facing the sun.




Breena Nunez said...

I don't think I've ever been to the Botanical Gardens either. But I've always heard great things about that place.

catwrangler said...

I have never seen this. What a wonderful find.