Tuesday, April 05, 2011

pulp fashion

one sunday afternoon, my sister and i took a long scenic route of a bus ride to the Legion of Honor, a fine arts museum in san francisco that has an otherworldly atmosphere with it's gigantic neoclassical architecture - the huge white greek columns always make me think i've stepped into another time & place.

i normally don't visit the Legion as much as SFMOMA or the Deyoung museum, because the museum is so out of the way compared to downtown SF or Golden Gate Park. But this trip to the Legion was specifically for the special exhibit called Pulp Fashion: The art of Isabelle de Borchgrave. de Borchgrave creates dresses completely out of paper, with inspiration from old paintings and fashions from decades past, including Chanel and Christian Dior's New Look.

When i entered the exhibit, i was immediately impressed. the dresses look incredibly real, with intricate details such as hand painting and stenciling. many of the dresses included jewelry and fans, there was also a room full of white dresses all with a delicate lightness, with layers of paper lace. I really had to resist the urge to touch the dresses!

the pictures don't seem to do the paper dresses enough justice, it's definitely worth it to see it all in person.

for more information and images from the exhibit (which runs at the Legion of Honor until June 5th) click here

all photos by anna


Anonymous said...

Wow, those are fabulous! Can't wait to see what treasures you'll show me in May!

thea said...

oooh these are just gorgeous!!!

beautiful post and gorgeous work - you should contribute to spoonful some time ;)