Tuesday, May 17, 2011

end of the semester & goals

these past few weeks have gone by so quickly. it's been a long, tiring semester. i'm pretty happy for the most part, though as the semester went on i've been dreading my drafting and sketching class.

not all of my projects were a success but the one that i am particularly proud of is my pie time restaurant menu.

we worked on a restaurant concept and executed a menu, plus items that added to the overall identity of the place. I decided my restaurant would be a retro inspired pie diner. the menu turned out to be mounted on foamboard that was covered in polka dot wrapping paper. i attached string in the back so it could hang as a sign.

business cards in tart molds

i also designed a booklet on John Baskerville, a type founder and printer. You might know his typeface Baskerville.

all in all it was a busy, stressful semester, but i still had fun and became closer friends with my fellow graphic design students. there are so many things i need to do, but most of all i need an internship!

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