Thursday, May 19, 2011



it has been quite awhile since i've taken pictures of my little attic bedroom/studio/chaotic mess. i bought a lot of cute kraft boxes from daiso last year and i love filling them up with small stuff like manila tags, postage stamps and other art supplies. clearly, i'm not the most organized person and it shows! i have piles of stuff, but i like to work in organized chaos.



the other thing i like to have is my inspiration clothesline - i clip on magazine tear outs, random ephemera, photos and postcards and other things that inspire me.


a box full of assorted envelopes

more supplies are inside the red paper suitcases. the suitcases are getting a bit worn, but they are in still good condition. a favorite find from Flax.

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catwrangler said...

These photos make me feel so much better about my office. I'm not the only one who needs a creative space. ;-)