Tuesday, June 28, 2011

paper + fashion

Gap window at Powell & Market.

i've always loved looking at shop windows. for me, they often bring something fun or magical or an over the top feeling to a store. sometimes, the clothing may be rather shoddy or overly trendy, but the windows are always fun to look at when done creatively. ever since i was a kid, i wanted to decorate shop windows, so i decided to keep an eye out for really cool shop windows around downtown san francisco.

this gap window pretty much made me want the tissue paper flower/lanterns/whatever they are called. i didn't even bother to look at the clothes...instead i found the luna bazaar website - they call them rice paper daisies and they come in a rainbow of colors. apparently they are great for weddings, but wouldn't they be awesome hanging from the ceiling or taped onto the wall in my bedroom? i'd buy a few in different colors and sizes, then tack them up on a wall for an eclectic look.


Club Monaco store at the Westfield Mall.

I rarely step into Club Monaco, if ever. But i loved this huge collage of postcards, all having the same yellowed vintage and blue feel. I think it's cool when i can be inspired by shop windows and file that idea away for decorating my own place. (someday...)


Up close, it looks like they used tons of metal thumb tacks. an alternate idea would be to use japanese tape or masking tape for a casual look, or to collage a large canvas with a ton of old postcards. a cork board would also work well, too. i find that i love to collect old postcards, but they always wind up in a small kraft box or in my mailbox, so displaying my collection this way would be wonderful.


Sandy Ang said...

Love that photo collage. Found your blog from the notebooks in etsy. they are so lovely with the mail motifs. hope you'll come link it up to my Travel challenge here to inspire us all http://angsandy.blogspot.com/2011/06/sandys-challenge-4.html

Carole said...

I'm filing that away too! Thanks for the inspiration.