Monday, August 29, 2011

cute tape

it's the start of the fall semester for me, so i've had a hectic week all last week. of course, my favorite thing is back to school shopping. i love perusing art supply and office supply stores for pens, inks, paints and paper of course. i had a long list of things i needed for a rapid visualization class - which is a class where we learn to sketch quickly to render ideas. i needed pens, markers, pencils, drafting triangles, all the standard stuff, some of which i had already.

but every time i step into an art supply store to buy required items for school i always leave with at least one or two miscellaneous fun purchase this time is this deco tape on sale for 1.99 at blick.


i ended up with 2 rolls! the one on the left, i bought several months ago at full price $4 because i couldn't resist. but i'm happy to buy them at half the price.



Anonymous said...

hey there. i just stumbled upon your blog and i feel like i remember you from somewhere. somewhere being a place on the internet, years ago. livejournal maybe? i could be wrong! either way, i'm subscribing to your blog so i can see your lovely work. maybe we could correspond (through the mail) sometime too.

sarala said...

I have a roll of one of these tapes bought for quite a bit more at a boutique in Paris. And it was here in the U.S. at Blick all along! I still like the tape though.

Anonymous said...

I have the "Fragile Handle With Care tape"! I love it! I used it to decorate my Diary for when I travel to Japan next month. ♥