Saturday, August 27, 2011

incoming/outgoing mail



here's my incoming letters! i love all the red, especially the wax seal which makes everything look official. i just bought some red sealing wax after receiving that letter from maureen. also in this photo are mini zines about india's post office and rubber stamp industry by alice, a letter from carolee who always has great handwriting and a photocopied typewriter manual for my smith corona + letter from donovan. all in all i had a good mail week!



here's some shots of my outgoing mail, which i still need to catch up on. i was excited to buy new stamps from my local post office and i bought the owney the dog stamps (he was a dog that traveled on mail trains in the 1890s) and of course the beautiful pixar stamps, which are here and even more exciting is that they are coming out with a second set of pixar characters including nemo, monster's inc, jessie and woody, the incredibles and a bug's life.


catwrangler said...

Ohhh I want the passenger round stamp. I just put a letter to you in the mail. And yeah, it is only coming from across town.

Tiffani said...

So much pretty mail! And colorful!

Lay Hoon said...

Whoa !! THose mail are gorgeous.