Friday, August 26, 2011

housewarming gift


my sister, anna recently moved out to have her own studio apartment. we went home goods shopping at Daiso, of course. it was the one trip where i only bought only one item from that store. i'm not sure how that was possible.

i was thinking about what to give as a housewarming present, sure a pretty bowl or tea towels would have been great - except i have never used tea towels. all i know is that they look pretty. but rather than the classic bottle of wine or vase, why not a giant pencil as a gift?

we have a small collection of giant objects that are normally very small, like a muni transfer, paper clip, clothespin and pen. so the giant pencil was the obvious addition for her new apartment.

i just tied some baker's twine and added a manila tag. some gifts don't need much wrapping.

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